This Is the New Reality

Believe me when I say I’m not happy to be putting out all of these negative posts lately, but I can only call them as I see them. And what better way to follow up a day in which the Dodgers proved themselves to completely incapable of spending to compete next year? Why, going after a pitcher who hasn’t pitched in over two years, of course. From ESPN Rumor Central (via the Twitter of TBLA):

The Los Angeles Dodgers are considering free agent Noah Lowry as a possible back-end-of-the-rotation option, reports’s Jerry Crasnick.

Lowry, 29, hasn’t pitched since August 2007 because of a rib injury, but the Dodgers have a connection to him. GM Ned Colletti and Dodgers trainer Stan Conte were both in San Francisco in 2005 when Lowry pitched 204 innings and won 13 games for the Giants.

The Dodgers’ ownership situation is unsettled as Frank and Jamie McCourt go through a divorce, and the team declined to offer salary arbitration to pitcher Randy Wolf and six other free agents. Lowry, a Southern California native, could have some appeal to the Dodgers because he’s likely to sign a short-term contract with a low base salary and lots of incentives.

San Diego, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Seattle and Cincinnati are among the other clubs believed to have an interest in Lowry.

Yep, other teams compete for Roy Halladay and John Lackey; the Dodgers go after a guy¬†who’s just missed two seasons and accused the Giants of misdiagnosing his injuries.

Hey, what’s more depressing here: that the latest Dodger pitching target walked 5 per 9 way back in 2007 when he could pitch while striking out that same 5 per 9 stat… or that the level to which the Dodgers have sunk means that they’re fighting with the likes of “San Diego, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Seattle and Cincinnati.”

But hey, at least going after an injury-prone¬†pitcher of whom the sentence “Dodgers have a connection to him. GM Ned Colletti and Dodgers trainer Stan Conte were both in San Francisco” applies to has never failed us before, right? Right?