Jones To (Phantom) DL To Make Room For Nomar

According to the L.A. Times, Andruw is headed back to the DL:

Did the Dodgers place Andruw Jones on the disabled list because of a knee that bothered him or a swing that pained them?

Officially, the struggling center fielder was sidelined Tuesday to make room for shortstop Nomar Garciaparra on the active roster because of patellar tendinitis in his left knee.

Now that sounds all nice and normal.  But then this quote kind of puzzles me:

Torre said Jones would rest for a few days before embarking on a rehabilitation assignment with triple-A Las Vegas at some point during the team’s current 13-game trip. Hitting instructor Jeff Pentland will accompany Jones to the minor leagues.

So, for a guy who has a hurt knee to the point of having to be DL’d, he’s suddenly going to be ready to play in a few days in Las Vegas, with a hitting coach joining him?

You’ve fooled me!

This sounds more like a demotion than an injury.  Fine by me, of course; in fact, WAY overdue.  I think the Dodgers ended up hurting themselves and Jones by not making this move sooner.  It likely could have worked to Jones’ benefit to have had more time in Las Vegas trying to work on his swing with Pentland, instead of trying to salvage him for this season and cost the team valuable at-bats and games for it.

Jones is pretty much toast for this year (no shit, I know), and the goal should be to try to make him at least somewhat competent for 2009.  I hate the deal now as much as you, folks, but let’s face it: we’re stuck with him another year.  The only thing I can hope for is a kinda decent Andruw in 2009.  Hell, I’d be estatic for 2007 Andruw.  We can only hope; however, until then, I really couldn’t ask for more in how the outfield situation has played out.  Jones is now far, far away, Herbert is now benched (quick note on that nickname: one day during ST, someone said that Pierre sucks like a Hoover, to which I replied that Herbert Hoover would be more apt, as Pierre also sends us into a depression…), while Ethier is the starter.

It’s not like he’s done anything lately, right?

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg