Dodgers Rained Out in New York, and That’s Not Great

Mercifully, this game got called off quickly, rather than making everyone — like me! — sit through an interminable delay. Tonight’s Hyun-jin Ryu vs Phil Hughes matchup will be made up as part of a day-night double header at 1pm ET tomorrow (sort of, since Hiroki Kuroda will now pitch the day game) and that presents a few problems for the Dodgers. No one needed a third day off in six days, and now they have to play three games on two coasts in something like 36 hours, considering they head to San Diego on Thursday night. Have fun with that, bullpen.

So there’s that, and also the issue that they’ll now need a starter in San Diego on Sunday, since you wouldn’t want either Ryu or Chris Capuano, starting the nightcap, on three days rest. Is that Matt Magill? Maybe, but he’s been awful. Is it Zach Lee? I tend to doubt it, but he is scheduled to go for Chattanooga tomorrow, so we’ll be sure to all panic when he inevitably gets scratched only to protect him while Magill gets the ball instead.

Thanks, Rain: Dodger Game Washed Away

It almost seems foolish to talk about given what else is happening in the world right now, so I can’t be too disappointed that we’ll have to wait an extra day for the first Dodger game in Baltimore since 2002. Thanks to heavy rain that prevented the tarp from ever coming off, tonight’s game is a wash, and instead we’ll get a day/night doubleheader tomorrow.

At 10am PT, Hyun-jin Ryu will start against Jason Hammel, and Josh Beckett & Wei-Yin Chen will go in the regularly scheduled 4pm PT game. It’ll be the first doubleheader for the team since September 19 of last year, when their last visit to the mid-Atlantic region to play Washington included an Ernie Banks special.

Screw It, I Don’t Care What Dana Eveland And Chien-Ming Wang Do Tonight

First, the game was on.

Then it wasn’t.

Then it was again.

Now, again, it’s not.

And that’s about all I can take of it. You’ve toyed with me for too long today, weather. And Joe Torre. And Mike Rizzo. You’d think that the simple matter of “uh, hey, should we play a baseball game tonight?” wouldn’t be something that requires our nation’s brightest scientists, but, hey, what do I know? Apparently it does require a requisite amount of “derp” after all.

This means that tomorrow’s doubleheader is back on, though let’s not pretend there’s a chance that it’ll go off without any sort of additional weather-related hitch.

I think Quizzical Nomar sums it up best, no?

Dodger Game No Longer Rained Out, Forcing Dana Eveland vs Chien-Ming Wang On Unsuspecting Nation

Not shown: Kemp browsing through Best Buy for sweet deals.

Well, you just cannot make stories like this up. Earlier today, I thought it was odd that tonight’s game in Washington would be called off so far in advance of game time, particularly with the radar seeming to clear up as time went on. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. According to a series of tweets from Adam Kilgore and Gene Wang of the Washington Post, the Nationals never officially canceled the game, despite the Dodgers’ assertion on Twitter that it was done. Kilgore tweeted:

About tonight’s Dodgers-Nats game: The teams agreed earlier today to postpone. MLB stepped in, told them to try. Rizzo talking to Torre now.

Even from beyond the grave (figuratively, let’s clarify), Joe Torre cannot help but screw with the Dodgers. And now the game is officially back on, after hours of total indecision on all sides.

Basically, this is how I imagine the conversation went.

Dodgers/Nats: Hey, it looks bad out, we’re not going to play.
MLB: Um, yes you are.
Dodgers: But we already said so on Twitter. Once it’s on Twitter, it can’t be wrong.
MLB: Shut up. You’re playing.
Dodgers: But Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon are gone. They went to Best Buy. (This is a real thing that happened.)
MLB: Well, get them back. Or else suffer through Eugenio Velez.
Dodgers: Okay, but, we already told Dana Eveland to go home. He won’t be properly warmed up.
MLB: Who cares. It’s Dana Eveland.
Dodgers: Good point. Okay, fine.

Dodger Game Rained Out, Depriving Nation of Dana Eveland vs Chien-Ming Wang

Per the official Dodger Twitter feed, today’s epic match-up of Dana Eveland against Chien-Ming Wang has been rained out, with a “traditional” doubleheader coming tomorrow.

As you can see from the forecast, things are pretty nasty in our nation’s capitol right now:

That said, things do look pretty clear behind the storm, and since first pitch isn’t for another 5.5 hours I do find it a bit surprising that they’re calling it off so soon. That’s particularly true because a “traditional” doubleheader – i.e., one ticket gets you in to both games, with Game 2 starting roughly 30 minutes after the end of Game 1 – is going to cost the Nationals the money they would have picked up by having two separate games. Since tomorrow’s game was already a 1pm ET start, technically today’s game will be the second game tomorrow.

For the Dodgers, this just makes their travel schedule even more difficult. Already in the midst of a stretch of 24 games in 24 days, the early start tomorrow was designed to accommodate a cross-country trip to San Francisco without the benefit of a day off. Now, that flight will be pushed back by another 4-5 hours, making what was already a tough trip even harder.

So now we’re without Dodger baseball for a night, and I throw the doors open to you. What do you want to talk about? Juan Uribe having surgery for a sports hernia today? Bill Plaschke trying to rattle the old jingoism cages by saying he’s one of the seemingly few who likes “God Bless America” during every single game? Let’s hear it.