Baseball Really Needs to Move Opening Day to Feb 1

To say things are slow right now couldn’t be more of an understatement. As we all know, the team is 97% set for the season, with the roster relatively settled except for the very end of the bench and the staff, which will sort themselves out during spring training. That said, let’s do a quick roundup of what has happened over the last week or so. (As an aside, I’m writing this fresh off of watching Cloverfield. The required suspension-of-disbelief over crazy monster movies aside, does anyone want to explain to me how the girl who gets a shard of rebar through the heart for three hours gets the rebar yanked out of her, and then is tip-top after that? I’m buying the monster destroying Midtown before I’m buying that.)

 - Possible good news on the “Juan Pierre is bad at baseball” front? Joe Torre’s giving me a bit of hope here:

Torre, the Dodgers’ new manager and the man with whom the ultimate decision will rest, seemed to suggest that Pierre’s place in the regular lineup isn’t necessarily a given.

“Andruw is obviously our center fielder,” Torre said. “He anchors everything. Ethier, Kemp and Juan Pierre are competing for two spots out there.

“We’ll just have to figure it out. I have had situations in the past where we had too many outfielders for three spots. The only thing (definite) is that we will start the season with our best option.”

- RHP Scott Proctor avoids arbitration by signing a one-year deal worth $1.115 million. Lets hope he’s got a good financial planner, because I’m still worried about Torre making his head explode like the guy from Scanners.

 - OF Jason Repko gets one year and $487,000. Here’s hoping he gets to spend a hot summer in Las Vegas not injuring the other players we actually care about this year.

 - Good run-down of all Dodgers offseason moves, both on-field and off, right here at DodgerThoughts.

 - Not that it hasn’t been known for a while, but the Dodgers are officially destroying spring training by going to play a few games in China in the middle of March. This means the team congregates in Vero Beach, FL in the middle of February and functions as normal until a group of as-yet-undetermined Dodgers jet off to China on March 11th. Then, Dodgers China go off on their own for a week, while Dodgers Vero stick around in FL until the 18th. The two teams then meet up on the 19th – in Arizona. This has the oh-so-happy consequence of: making some of the players travel about 10,000 miles to wear them out right before the season; making first-year manager Joe Torre spend a week of camp half a planet away from his new players; and most importantly, totally ruining my plan of heading down to Vero to see the last games at Dodgertown. Thanks, team!

- Finally, remember last week’s installment of “The Legend of Joe Beimel”? Tastefully-named commentator “Slayer” has brought it to my attention that there’s a part 2. Except, this isn’t by the same “Troy from WV” who did the first one, this is a video response. Which looks to actually have an appearance from Joe Beimel at the end? I can’t really tell. But man, do I hope so. Enjoy!

Update: it appears this is actually Joe Beimel in the video. Which, considering how similar this is to the original video, would really make it seem as though someone brought it to Beimel’s attention, and got a buddy to set up a similar basement setting and southern accent, for the sake of satire. We have an early candidate for “2008 Dodger of the Year”, right here.


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