I Love the World Series: The Excitement, The Yelling, All That Violence

I’m assuming this has to be old news, but I don’t recall seeing it anywhere, even after the amazingly terrible 1986 “Baseball Boogie” popped up on a bunch of sports blogs a few months ago,  and you’d think they’d go hand in hand. So here’s a sentence that should never have existed in any reality: Andy Gibb helps introduce Steve Yeager, Rick Monday, Jerry Reuss, and Jay Johnstone singing Queen’s “We Are The Champions”. Think about that for a second, and if your brain hasn’t tried to eat itself yet – a big if – enjoy.


Clearly, this was just after the 1981 World Series victory over the Yankees, but this was an odd foursome to choose – Yeager, Johnstone, and Monday combined for only 299 at-bats during the 1981 season. Even better, the vinyl is for sale on Ebay! Only $4, and autographed by Yeager and Reuss. A steal at twice the price!

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg