Gather Round The Campfire, Kids

While I try to figure out if taking two of three against NL West-leading Arizona counts as a “successful weekend” or a “devastating setback, since both San Diego and Philadelphia swept their series,” I’d like to share this slice of genius from MSTI reader and BBWC commentator, the illustrious Shmolnick.

To the tune of.. well, hell, you know.


Here’s the story of a man named Grady
Who was sitting home just whiling away his time
He was fired from his previous job in Boston
For committing a baseball crime

Here’s the story of Ned Colletti
Who felt pressure to compete in a transition year
But ol’ Ned by nature was quite cautious
And had Frank in his ear

Until one day when Colletti hired Grady
And they signed a group of veterans on a hunch
That this group would somehow make the playoffs
That’s the way they became the Grady Bunch
The Grady Bunch
The Grady Bunch
That’s the way they became the Grady Bunch!


- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg