Stop Making My Job Harder, Thom (updated)

This is not in any way meant to bag on Juan Pierre; he is what is, and we’ve spent far too many words on him at this point. I would have posted this no matter what player this was in reference to. It’s just that the constant ignorance we see in the “mainstream media” world of papers and television is mind-blowing, especially because we all know there’s a huge amount of casual fans who hear what these so-called “experts” have to say and regard it as gospel.

On FOX just now, announcers Thom Brennaman and Eric Karros had a conversation about Juan Pierre, including these statements presented as fact:

There’s Juan Pierre, who did such a great job filling in for Manny.

This is a pretty common misconception, because if you remember what actually happened:

Games 1-20: .425/.495/.598  1.093 OPS
Games 21-50: .244/.299/.283  .583 OPS

So if by “such a great job” you mean “had a killer hot streak for less than half of Manny’s absence and was worse than ever for the majority of it,” then yes – great job. (Again, not trying to kill Pierre for anything here. Just drawing attention to public figures talking out of their asses.)

He’d be starting for just about any other team in baseball.

Pierre’s career OPS is .721. Of all MLB outfielders with at least 200 at-bats this year, a .721 OPS would rank… 90th. Which is delightful that it came out that way, as it means that every single one of the 30 teams has 3 outfielders who are better hitters than he is. Considering that we haven’t even discussed his absurd salary or his terrible throwing arm, it’s probably more accurate to say that he’d be starting for zero other teams in baseball.

And he’s handled it with pure class.

Again, the point here isn’t to denigrate Pierre but facts are facts: he’s whined more than once about his situation. But hey, the D-list FOX announcers think he’s a “great guy” who’s “had an outstanding” career, so why not spout whatever comes to mind?

dodgersworldseriesflag.jpgUpdate: after an inning spent talking about Brett Favre and expressing shock at the fact that Joe Torre isn’t managing the Yankees anymore, they discussed the Dodgers/Reds rivalry of the 70s. Brennaman then lets loose with this gem:

The Dodgers won a few World Series in that decade, too.

Ah, yes. I remember that 1977 victory parade fondly. Is it really that hard to find baseball announcers who know even a little about baseball?