Please Don’t Give Us Nixon to Kick Around

From ESPN:

TUCSON, Ariz. — Veteran outfielder Trot Nixon, still hoping to latch on with a big-league club as a free agent, auditioned for the Arizona Diamondbacks at the team’s spring training complex in Tucson on Sunday.

Nixon, 33, is a .275 hitter with 136 home runs in 11 seasons with Boston and Cleveland. After struggling to stay healthy during the end of his tenure with the Red Sox, he hit .251 with three homers in 307 at-bats for the Indians last season.

Arizona opened up Nixon’s workout so other interested teams could take a look. Toronto, Seattle and the Los Angeles Dodgers all had scouts on hand to watch him.

I try not to make a big deal out of sending scouts out to look, because due diligence and all, and no contract was signed. But what in the hell are the Dodgers doing looking at old-and-busted Trot Nixon? The Dodgers already have too many outfielders (especially now considering that Mark Sweeney can backup the outfield corners), and Trot Nixon is, well, bad. trotnixon.jpg

Trot Nixon OPS, 2003-07
2003: .974
2004: .887
2005: .803
2006: .767
2007: .678

That seemsĀ like a pretty clear path to me. But hey, he’s turning 34 the first week of the season, so I’m totally sure that he’ll turn around a 5-year slide. Not to mention, he can only play right field, and he’s blatantly unusable against lefties (OPS vs lefties last three years: .629), and why are we even wasting gas money sending scouts to watch him? I know, nothing’s been signed, but if any veteran retreads like this make the team over Delwyn Young, we’re going to have some major problems around here.

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