Ever Think You’d Miss the Burger King Unis?

padresredhatscamo.jpgRed hat, on a team that has no red.

Green camouflage tops, which while their heart may be in the same place, just doesn’t look very good – especially on a team that has no other green.

Sand-colored road pants – at home – which don’t even match the tan of the camouflage.

peavyyellow.jpgLook, I get that two of these three things are meant to honor America and her servicemen, which is nice and all. I get that it wasn’t the Padres’ idea to wear these hideous red hats all weekend – and that even the Dodgers, who do have a slight bit of red in their uniforms, don’t look much better with them.

But man, we’re talking about the Padres, a team that has had more than it’s share of unfortunate color choices, as shown at right. Is it possible that this ridiculous collection of three completely non-matching uniform elements may in fact be the ugliest outfit of all time? At least the yellow monstrosities that Jake Peavy’s modeling from a throwback game last year matched.

Come on, Padres management. You’re already subjecting the poor people of San Diego to one of the worst teams in baseball (non-Washington division). Do you really have to assault their sartorial senses with this, too?